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With a Luxury Yacht Charter, Sydney Based Businesses can Entertain Overseas Clients

Sydney businesses have a lot to offer their overseas clients, but the best thing to give them when they come down to Australia is a luxury boat charter. Sydney Harbour cruises are breathtaking and informative.  Give your clients or partners a tour of Sydney from the Harbour side.  Corporate cruises can include business and sightseeing.  Cruise Sydney landmarks from your luxury motor yacht charter and show your guests the real heart of Sydney.

Corporate cruises don’t have to be all business.  Celebrate the big sale aboard one of the many available charters as a dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour.  Plan to host your company holiday parties at Christmas or New Years Eve aboard any of the available Sydney Harbour cruises this year.  Choice Charters can chart your course and navigate all the details with your coordinator.

Why Stop at Just Cruises in Sydney Harbour When You Can Take A Pittwater Yacht Charter

Sydney Harbour cruises are great venues for sightseeing, dinner and even historic cruises around the national parks and monuments lining the harbour’s edge.  Who wouldn’t want their wedding vows pledged on the open water with the Sydney Opera House as the ceremony’s backdrop? What about celebrating Race Day in all your finest as you cheer your Melbourne Cup favourite to the finish line from the open deck of a luxury motor yacht charter?  Sydney Harbour has great fishing locations and nature sights as well, but none as beautiful as those found on a Pittwater or Hawkesbury cruise charter.

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A Pittwater Yacht Charter will take you north to the Pittwater and Hawkesbury regions of New South Wales.  The rural natural settings are a complete opposite of the sights and sounds of harbour cruises in Sydney.  Here, nature waits to be viewed and to entertain you with its wild charm and lush scenery.  Viewing the untouched beauty of a cliff protected cove and snorkelling in its azure blue water surrounding your anchored Pittwater yacht charter will prove just as memorable as the fireworks on the New Years Eve cruises in Sydney Harbour.  So where will you go — Sydney Harbour, Pittwater or Hawkesbury?  Send us an enquiry and let us help you decide.

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