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Cuisine Options

You can choose from a number of different cuisine options according to your type of party and budget.

Lavish Harbour Buffet: That can feature all of your dietary preferences and choices.

Formal Table Service: Available for either lunch or dinner and featuring professional and attentive waiting staff.

Cocktail Canapés: Including cold cuts, vegetarian options and snacks for your guests.

Event-oriented dining options: We can recommend a vessel according to the type of event and number of guests. Some of our vessels are equipped with a fully-functioning galley kitchen, whereas others are manned by a team of service staff, with the catering freshly prepared on land prior to departure.

Budget friendly: Having a party on an impressive Choice Charters vessel doesn’t need to cost the earth. We can provide a cost-effective food and beverage package that will tick all of the boxes and still please your guests.

Beverage Options

In terms of beverages, we can offer several packages that will work in well with your budget for the event.

Cash bar service: This allows guests to pay as they go for their drinks, with a wide selection of local and imported beers, wines and spirits.

Consumption or tab service: This is effectively an open bar, with an invoiced amount following the event.

Pre-paid package service: Pay a specific amount on the bar tab and then once this runs out, the drinks are paid for by your guests.

BYO Options: We also allow guests to bring their own alcohol on board of certain cruises such as the Hawkesbury or Pittwater Cruises or a specially chartered cocktail cruise. In this way, we can help you to minimise additional costs.

A helpful and friendly Events Coordinator at Choice Charters can organise it all for you. Speak with us to day on 02 9558 4666.

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