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Choice Charters are Sydney Harbour’s premier provider of private and publicly chartered boat trips in the Sydney Harbour and outer city fringes of Greater Sydney.

With all of the extraordinary bodies of water at our disposal in this fine city, we aim to take along visitors and Sydney-siders to every beautiful part of the harbour and surrounds, in all four seasons.

We offer a diverse range of services on our variety of vessels. These are equipped to deal with between 10 and 400 people. Depending upon the size of the event.

A cutting edge entertainment and PA System: That is ideal for presentations, speeches, playing music and making announcements to your guests.

Private change rooms and amenities: that are available for your event and ideal for costume changes, weddings and other event programmes.

A seasonal menu of fresh food: that can be prepared on board the vessel, or on land prior to departure. Choose a menu option that includes cocktail canapés, a buffet or a formal sit down lunch or dinner service.

Accommodation facilities: Some of our vessels are equipped with overnight sleeping facilities. These are comfortable, luxurious and perfect for an impromptu romantic break, honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Along with a fully functioning team of navigation and service experts to assist you.

Observation decks: These provide a 360 degree panoramic view of Sydney icons and spectacular natural wonders.

Complete customisation and assistance: This includes an Event Coordinator to work alongside of you, your budget and ideal theme, to create a workable and affordable event that will go down in history.

Fair pricing: We can guarantee that you won’t get a better deal on a Sydney Harbour Cruise anywhere else, along with the hands on customer assistance and approachable team at Choice Charters.

Conforms to safety requirements: including compliance to the NSW Maritime Authority’s rules on safety, plus insurance requirements.

Speak with Choice Charters today and design a completely customised event that will be something to remember forever. Call today on 02 9558 4666.

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