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Wildlife Found on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Visitors to Australia are always asking about the different types of animals that live on land an offshore. Australia is unique and it offers many “odd” species.  There are a number of places to visit our exotic flora and fauna, but a favorite destination away from Sydney is Kangaroo Island.  This is a special location you really ought to include in your visit.

Kangaroo Island is about 15 kilometers off the southern coast of South Australia.  It is open for tours all year round. Guests can feed the pink pelicans and see giant cuttlefish (squid) scooting across the water while penguins waddle around a Kingscote Wharf.  Kangaroos and wallabies, cousin to the kangaroo, bounce around keeping a curious eye in the visiting humans.

At Stokes Bay, you can give a gentle bear hug to the koala bears and even hold a possum or snake.  Lorikeets will beg for stacks and perform antics just to get your attention.  At Seal Bay you’ll take pictures of the New Zealand fur seals while they play around Admirals Arch located in Flinders Chase National Park.  There are friendly kangaroos and more koalas to interact with in while they hang onto the side of trees of Hanson Bay Sanctuary and Western KI Caravan Park.

These are just a few of the exciting options we recommend to our Choice Charter guests.  We look forward to spending a few hours with you on the beautiful waters of Sydney Harbor. Call us today on 02 9558 4666 to learn if we have availability for a last minute cruise on Sydney Harbour.

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