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Treat your Staff to an Incredible and Memorable Corporate Event by booking them on a Cruise

Corporate events are usually hard to plan. No matter how you try, there is always someone that is not satisfied. Cruises have become the big thing here in Australia, and what better place to soothe hearts, minds and spirits than to give your team an incredible experience for the start of the New Year. Your vision for the future of the company can be mapped out and announced at this event while they have an early vacation before hitting the ground running for 2014. Your staff will certainly appreciate the consideration to make them feel a special part of the team, a crucial element to ensure the success of the company’s vision.

On this cruise, you will be able to meet and engage staff to get some useful ideas about how they see the company improving, and you all can strategise on the best approaches to these situations. Choice Charters provides very professional Events Coordinators to help plan your event. Their ideas are certainly welcoming as these may not have been what you had in mind. Their suggestions as to the kind of vessel, based on the number in your party, as well as other details, will enable you to decide on the appropriate budget. The meal and accommodations that are required will be geared to ensuring you and your team will have a memorable time on board the remarkable vessel.

Choices of the kind of corporate event planned can be discussed with the Event Coordinators to facilitate getting all that is needed. Ideas for events like Conferences, Business Meetings, Trade Shows, Team Building Events, Awards Events, Business Dinners and Promotional Events and all other details that are required for a successful, enjoyable and productive event are arranged and executed by Choice Charters team. All that you and your staff have to do is relish the uniqueness of this experience as the cruise takes you all around the harbour.

Having your corporate event on a cruise ship is unique and budget-wise is comparable to any resort you may have used in the past. The experience is different as you will be able to see the coastline from a different view, and your staff is going to remember their experience while reacquainting themselves with other members of the company. The vessel is equipped with amenities for your comfort, in addition to other equipment for the conference you may want to have. Electronic and telecommunication systems are installed according to your requirements to ensure smooth sailing of your plans. Services and meals are comparable to any five-star resort, and you can even order special meals if any member of staff is vegetarian or on a special diet. Executive chef is provided based on your package and the number of persons in your party.

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