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Sydney Sightseeing

Australia is a land of magnificent cultural and natural resources which is accounts for the interest of people travelling to the country every year.  There are attractions on-shore and on the water to enjoy.  Whether you are a host for guests visiting Australia or looking for a new sight to see in and around Sydney, you have plenty of choices.

Sydney has plenty of sightseeing opportunities for visitors including beaches, the Opera House, zoos, wildlife parks, the splendor of the Sydney Harbour, beautiful gardens and more, all situated within this amazing metropolis. The area surrounding Sydney offers a myriad of sightseeing adventures.  Venture into Sydney’s surrounding areas and the tourist attractions continue with amazing landscapes and natural wonders including the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains, amazing wildlife, amazing coastlines and more.

The signature attraction is the Sydney Opera House which is on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbor.  The unique architecture simulates a ship’s sales billowing in the wind.  You can attend a performance to enjoy the elegant interior or view it from the deck of one of our splendid charter vessels on a Sydney Harbour cruise.

A lesser known, but equally impressive destination is the Sydney Tower.  This is the tallest tower in this city and the second tallest in Australia. The tower hosts hundreds of shops situated inside the tower so you can plan a day of shopping and check Sydney Tower off your list of Sydney sightseeing locations

The Koala Park Sanctuary is home for a number of indigenous wildlife species.  The favourites are the koalas and kangaroos, but there are a number of other equally enjoyable animals to see.  Some other wildlife includes Australia’s wild dingo, the chatty cockatoo, wombats, emus, penguins, and a number of other species of Australian wildlife.

Choice Charters provides several options for a sight seeing cruises in Sydney Harbour or cruises on the Pittwater and Hawkesbury Rivers. Contact them at and get your company event booked today.

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Sydney Harbour Cruises with Family & Friends

It’s that time of year when friends and family gather together to share the events of the year. Of course you can spend hours tidying up the house and preparing goodies to eat, but wouldn’t it be more fun to spend that time with your guests? It’s not too late to coordinate a holiday outing with a chartered Sydney Harbour cruise.

If you are considering chartering public or private cruise, Sydney Harbour is the perfect destination according to Choice Charters of Sydney, Australia. You already know that the Harbour offers a cornucopia of sights so why not pack up the family and guests for a half-day or full-day sailing excursion enjoying a Sydney Harbour cruise?

We’ll take care of the entertainment providing a guided tour presented by one of our experienced interpreters. You and your guests will learn a bit of the local history while viewing the gorgeous Sydney shoreline.

Prefer a private cruise? Anything is possible, but dates are booking quickly. We still have public Sydney Harbour cruises available for the major holidays like Christmas, New Years and Australia Day.  Call us at 02 9558 4666.

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Opportunities for Private Function Cruises on Sydney Harbour

Planning functions and events is always a stressful chore and Choice Charters offers to take that off your hands when you schedule any size charter for private or public function cruises on Sydney Harbour with our charter services.  Businesses and families can enjoy well planned and executed special cruise event compliments of Choice Charter’s professional event planners. From business meetings to birthdays or wedding receptions, any function can be hosted as a Sydney Harbour cruise.

Sydney Harbour is the ideal destination for holding a public or private function cruise. The setting offers a unique blend of sights and locations for cruise destinations to satisfy the goals of any special function cruise charter. Hosting conferences and business meetings for corporations, a cruise can be tailored to meet specific size, amenity and duration requirements. For private functions like weddings, anniversaries or quiet getaways, there is a variety of vessels and destinations to choose from.

Scheduling private function cruises, Sydney based Choice Charters can assist the consumer with vessel selection, menu choices and destination based on the event planned. Public function cruises on Sydney Harbour charters are available for the major holidays like Christmas, New Years and Australia Day.

Holiday events do book out early, so if that’s your time frame, please call early to lock in your event date.  Another popular day for a function cruise on Sydney Harbour is the Annual Racing Days. Choice Charters cruises offer the chance to watch the races while touring the Harbour dressed in appropriate outfits and hats for the day.  We’ll take care of the food and drink too!

Contact Choice Charters at 02 9558 4666 to get on the calendar for your next charter cruise.

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Wildlife Found on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Visitors to Australia are always asking about the different types of animals that live on land an offshore. Australia is unique and it offers many “odd” species.  There are a number of places to visit our exotic flora and fauna, but a favorite destination away from Sydney is Kangaroo Island.  This is a special location you really ought to include in your visit.

Kangaroo Island is about 15 kilometers off the southern coast of South Australia.  It is open for tours all year round. Guests can feed the pink pelicans and see giant cuttlefish (squid) scooting across the water while penguins waddle around a Kingscote Wharf.  Kangaroos and wallabies, cousin to the kangaroo, bounce around keeping a curious eye in the visiting humans.

At Stokes Bay, you can give a gentle bear hug to the koala bears and even hold a possum or snake.  Lorikeets will beg for stacks and perform antics just to get your attention.  At Seal Bay you’ll take pictures of the New Zealand fur seals while they play around Admirals Arch located in Flinders Chase National Park.  There are friendly kangaroos and more koalas to interact with in while they hang onto the side of trees of Hanson Bay Sanctuary and Western KI Caravan Park.

These are just a few of the exciting options we recommend to our Choice Charter guests.  We look forward to spending a few hours with you on the beautiful waters of Sydney Harbor. Call us today on 02 9558 4666 to learn if we have availability for a last minute cruise on Sydney Harbour.

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Thrill Visiting Guests With A Sydney Boat Trip and More

Australia – the land down under. It is easy to say that most people would love to visit Australia. But where do you start? If you live in Australia and are expecting out-of-country guests you probably already have a list of things to see and do.  We suggest a Sydney boat trip, but there are other great places to visit too.  Here are a few suggestions.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It is a top travel destination in the country too. Not only does this city have a world-famous harbour, but it also offers much to see. Sydney Harbor is a lovely sight by water and often last minute Sydney boat trips are available.   The Sydney Opera House is an architectural sight to see and the view is best from the harbour.  Be sure to pack along a camera.

Back on shore, Sydney also offers interesting history lessons for the traveler looking to learn while vacationing. The Rocks is a place to learn about Australia’s convict history. You will learn about the hangings and other things that went on in the early days of this city.

One of the wonders of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. This giant natural work of art is so large it can be seen from space. There are multiple ways to enjoy this beautiful area like snorkeling and scuba diving, beach going and boat trips. If you choose to use a boat, you can charter your own for a Sydney boat trip or hire a professional to captain the boat for you. These boats can take you to island resorts all along the reef, if you choose. A final option is to hire a helicopter to tour the Reef. This chance to see the beauty of the area from the air will amaze you.

Give Choice Charters a call at 02 9558 3666 to discuss Sydney boat trip availability and options.  We want to thrill your guests too!

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Sydney Harbour Boat Tours – Treat Your Guests to Everything Great On Sydney Harbour

Take an exciting Sydney Harbour boat tour for business or pleasure.  The s around Sydney Harbour make it a headline attraction for out-of-town travelers, but residents of the city never tire of a few hours on an elegant ship gliding across the harbour bay.  Sydney is the crown jewel of the New South Wales’ coastline, and the area is packed with plenty of attractions to share with your guests.  Some favorites include Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens Walk and shoreline strolls on Bondi Beach are all headline attractions for landlubbers.

The CBD, or Central Business District, is Sydney’s hub of city life including plenty opportunities to explore local historic sights many of which offer guided tours. Travelers can recover from a day in the CBD when they order delightful cuisine offered by local cafés or restaurants. Seafood lovers can indulge in the freshest ocean catch prepared by gourmet chefs.

Those who love the beauty of sailing vessels will appreciate taking in of our Sydney Harbour Boat tours.  These tours are available 365 days a year, so chances are you can book the date of your choice.  However, holidays are tough to come by, so please call before you finalize any celebrations planned over holidays.

Choice Charters offer Sydney Harbour boat tours which are packaged to meet even the smallest budget.  Most are scheduled for a few hours in the afternoon or evening.  If you want something customised for a special celebration, please let us know. Arrangements for a themed event are possible always and popular for special occasions. Contact us at 02 9558 4666 or submit the enquiry form.

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Who Wants to Plan the Next Corporate Press Announcement?

Planning any corporate event is fraught with complications and stress.  Add into the mix the challenge of creating an event that is guaranteed to attract a strong representation from the press is enough to cause even the most adroit manager several sleepless nights. We can relieve you of the stress of coordinating corporate press releases or other functions.  Just plan you next function on one of our corporate harbour cruises.

Alternative to the Hotel Venue

Corporate harbour cruises have long proven to be a rewarding alternative for companies holding large meetings or announcements.  First, the meeting is away from the traditional corporate office setting.  Also, people don’t have to endure stale snacks offered up at some hotels in the CBD.

A meeting event held aboard a modern yacht provides a unique way for corporations to entertain and meet in elegant luxury.   In fact, the rate for corporate harbour cruises is surprisingly comparable to hotel rates.

Choice Charter provides a professional event planner to work with your corporate team.  These pros make suggestions for the most appropriate vessel to accommodate the function.  They also review requirements for electronic and telecommunication services in order to meet those needs. Vessels are outfitted with the same amenities you would expect to find in a hotel including a meeting room, telecommunications, fax and presentation equipment.

Below are some of the more popular functions or events that Choice Charter hosts:

  • Business meetings
  • Product announcements
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Performance incentives
  • Joint ventures and partnerships
  • Company parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows

Of course, we can serve up some memorable meals if that fits within your budget and plans.   Our corporate harbour cruises provides gourmet dining and experienced wait staff for serving meals.  Buffets as well as cocktail cruises with beverages are two popular options. For lighter fare, cruise event coordinators can also arrange for coffee and tea with cakes or finger foods.

When speaking with the scheduling coordinator have information available including the number of guests, the type of event and the general time frame.  That will help narrow down the type of vessel you need.

If this all sounds like just the ticket for your next corporate event, then the next step would be to lock in a date for the corporate harbour cruise.  Contact us at 02 9558 4666 or use the enquiry form.

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Cocktail Cruise Sydney Harbour – Cocktail Hour With a Twist

Instead of Happy Hour at the local watering hole you can enjoy spectacular scenery, freshly prepared snacks and beverages on a beautiful sailing vessel with a cocktail cruise in Sydney Harbour.  A great start to the evening or the perfect end to a hectic day, a sunset cocktail cruise in Sydney Harbour is sure to clear away the stress of the day.  While your charter glides away from the dock into the blue waters of Sydney Harbour , you’ll enjoy a cool drink and watch the colours appear on the horizon and wonder why you didn’t think of trying out this idea sooner.  

Breathe in the fresh sea air and feel the sun on your face as the chartered sailing vessel navigates the blue waters of the Tasman Sea.   The sights on your cocktail cruise don’t end with the setting sun.  As your Sydney Harbour cocktail cruise continues to cut the waters, your friends and guests will be treated to the sights and sounds of an active harbour at night.

Some charters include music delivered by live bands or DJ.   Those who need to burn off some extra fuel can take to the dance floor or simply sit back and watch the show. Arranging a Sydney Harbour cocktail cruise is surprisingly affordable.  There are many options that include different menus, sightseeing, and even tours hosted by guides familiar with Sydney’s history and culture.  

You can contact us using our enquiry form or by telephone if you are interested in hopping onboard for one of our cocktail party venues in Sydney Harbour. Our event coordinators are ready to answer all your questions and even make special dietary accommodations if needed.

Contact us at 02 9558 4666 or use the enquiry form.

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