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Impossibly Beautiful Marine Life in Sydney Harbour – Part 4

So far we have lovingly described a lot of Sydney natives who live under the sea. In our final of the series we look at the Gloomy Octopus and Eastern Blue Devil Fish, two of the most reclusive, mysterious and strangely beautiful residents of Sydney Harbour. We hope that you’ve enjoyed Choice Charters’ series on Impossibly Beautiful Marine Life in Sydney Harbour. And that this series has inspired you to get out on the water. Please give us a shout to let us know what you think!

Gloomy Octopus

This is the largest octopus commonly seen in Sydney and grows to about 80 cm. Unlike cuttlefishes and squids, octopuses have no shell at all. They are known for their voluptuous and globular shape and tendency to glide in undulating motions through the water – their movements can appear quite hypnotic to human eyes.

This is the largest octopus commonly seen in Sydney and grows to about 80 cm. Unlike cuttlefishes and squids, octopuses have no shell at all. Their fleshy mantle can be used for jet propulsion by sucking in water and squirting it out through their siphon above. This is a really spectacular site to behold. Most of the time though, they use their eight suckered arms to creep over rock surfaces in search of food.

The common Sydney octopus has a rust red coloured underside that tapers to the tip. It’s a stunning sight to see them creeping up the rock ledge on a dive. They are relatively territorial so divers should be careful if they enter their lair. While they won’t attack you, they will get annoyed as they tend to want to keep the crabs, snails, bivalves and molluscs for themselves and won’t want to share with any visitors. The octopus will sit inside of its lair made of rocks and rubble, laying in wait for prey to appear. At night they hunt using sharp beaks to feed on small molluscs and bivalves. They can change their colour to camouflage themselves in the surrounding seaweed. Common Sydney Octopuses are a protected species in Sydney Harbour and so under no circumstances are they to be taken from Australian waters or ocean platforms.

Eastern Blue Devil Fish

The Eastern Blue Devil Fish Paraplesiops bleekeri is also known as the Bleakers Blue Devil Fish. They are a captivating and startling blue colour. Elusive by nature, they live alone in caves and crevices during the day time, and are generally only spotted by night in the reefs of Sydney Harbour. They will stay out of your way on a dive and move back into a cave or crevice until well hidden.

Found in offshore waters, estuaries and inshore reefs in NSW, southern Queensland and Montague Island, they are lone wolfs so to speak and rarely will you find them in groups. Due to their reclusive nocturnal nature, not much is known about their diet. Eastern Blue Devil Fish are a protected fish in NSW. Hence there are heavy penalties for taking, selling or possessing them. This is because of their relative rarity and low level of abundance. They are also under threat by the illegal fishing and aquarium trade.

A male Eastern Blue Devil Fish will hang out in a cave environment to defend a territory against other males, for greater safety and to attract a mate into his abode. The mating season is in spring and once the male copulates with the female, fertilised eggs are attached to the roof of the cave until they hatch. Then free swimming larvae about 4mm long hatch and settle into the reef areas until they are about 10mm in length, from there they grow and grow until adult size.

The Eastern blue devil fish is most easily recognised by its banded pattern of blue and white strips on the body, blue spotted head, blue dorsal and anal fins and yellow caudal (tail) fin and base and pectoral fins. The pelvic fins and posterior dorsal and anal fins are elongated. When the Eastern Blue Devil Fish spreads these fins they overlap, making the fish appear larger.

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Why You Should Be Careful

Don’t take any fish that you’re not sure about from Sydney Harbour. When divers or fisherman illegally take protected species, it can mean a fine of up to $55,000 for a corporation or $11,000 for individuals and 3 months in prison.

Feeling inspired to visit an underwater haven? Choice Charters offer a range of vessels for snorkelling trips, day trips or extended stays. Choose from a bare boat or a completely catered and luxurious long stay escape on the water. Our vessels can accomodate all of your family and friends for a unique trip of a lifetime to see some of Sydney Harbour’s most exotic residents who live in your marine backyard! Speak with us today to find out more.

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Impossibly Beautiful Marine Life in Sydney Harbour – Part 3

As promised, here are more amazing creatures both big and small who call Sydney Harbour home. Although if you are planning on a snorkelling or diving expedition, be aware that most of these creatures will be elusive, shy and unwilling to interact with you. For the best chance of finding them, speak with Choice Charters. We can recommend the right boat for a snorkelling or seafaring adventure. Without further ado, here are the delightful seahorses and Australian Fur Seals living in the local area.


Seahorses are gorgeous, mystical and delicate creatures. They have captivated the imagination of children and adults for time immemorial. They seem to be so shy when they are viewed up close
seem to scurry away as though coy and shy. They are a delight to behold when snorkelling or diving. Sydney Harbour is full of them!

As one of the most famous animals in the sea, they are instantly recognisable. They have a body protected by bony plates that are arranged in rings along with a long tubular snout that gives them an equine appearance, hence the name. They are slow moving and graceful and don’t have large fins. Seahorses tend to float around rather than swim and have a long tail akin to a possum’s tail. They use this to wrap themselves around seaweed and coral in order to cling to it and be camouflaged.

As they don’t swim fast, their main defence mechanism is hiding and blending into their surrounds. Just like Weedy Seadragons they consume food through their long snouts and eat mostly small crustaceans like shrimps and crabs.

They are flirtacious and surprisingly sexual creatures. They produce large broods of eggs in the season, usually beginning in early spring. Many species of seahorses form pairs for the season and the males follow the females around and stay close to them. Sounds just like a typical night out in Sydney CBD really.

The female deposits eggs into the male’s pouch using her ovipositor. After this, the male looks after the eggs for 3-4 weeks before giving birth to the young. It’s a fascinating reversal of roles when compared to many other creatures. The male gives birth to a whole lot of baby seahorses who float away and start their own little lives. It’s quite a magnificent thing to behold. The father then shows his empty pouch to the females and one of them will deposit another batch of eggs in there shortly afterwards.

Seahorses like Weedy Seadragons have protected status in Australia. Their habitat is under threat by the actions of humans. Sometimes they are taken for the illegal aquarium trade and used illegally in Asian medicines. Dragon Search are an Australian foundation that make sure no Australian species of seahorses are being sold illegally in Asian medicine or the aquarium trade.

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Australian Fur Seal

The Australian Fur Seal Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus is the largest of all the fur seals, weighing around 200 – 300kg. They have a strong and robust body covered in thick brown hair all over except their flippers. They have a broad head and long backwards sweeping whiskers, they are all round impressive to behold, some would even say incredibly handsome.

They have a set of sharp carnivorous teeth that are akin to canine teeth. As with other members of the family Family Otariidae (sea lions and seals) they have the ability to move around on land/ However their movements are cumbersome on their front flippers. They save all of their ballet-like grace for under the water, where their twirls and girations are legendary.

They tend to be distributed in the islands of Bass Strait, Tasmania, southern Victoria and remote parts of the NSW coast. Their numbers are secure yet they are commercially hunted in South Africa. Despite their protected status in Australia their numbers are half that of historic pre-sealing times. This could be due to increased competition with commercial fishing operations.

Australian Fur Seals feed on bony fish along with squid and octopus. They are daring hunters and sadly will get entangled in fishing nets if it means a chance at getting at the fish.

Each year they come ashore and establish breeding colonies. There is always an aggressive alpha male who defends his territory and rights to the females, against the encroachment of other males who come ashore to fight him. The females spend most of the time at sea when pregnant, only coming ashore to give birth to a single pup before taking off to feed again. As a result there is a high infant mortality rate during this time. The mum may give birth to several pups in a season and they can stay weaning with mum for more than six months.

The Choice Charters MV Santa Cruz

This is a bare boat that can be used for your adventures. Bring along your own refreshments and entertainment and the whole of Sydney Harbour will become your oyster. It’s perfect for a weekend trip to the a remote cove or island in Sydney harbour. Bring along your snorkelling or fishing gear for a day out on the water. The MV Santa Cruz also has a stable fishing platform.

Got a favourite sea creature from Sydney Harbour that we’ve missed on our blog? Let us know and we can talk about it next time!

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Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour. There was just so much to cover when it comes to local marine life, that we thought it best to do a thorough four part expose on Sydney’s most glittering and flirtatious residents – aside from the drag queens, that is!

Port Jackson Shark

Before you get yourself worked up about it, these mid-sized sharks aren’t threatening to humans. They are infact intimidated by bubble-blowing, oscillating humans in the water, so go easy on these poor guys and treat them with the respect that they deserve. They can to grow up to 1.25m in length but generally are around 70 to 90 cm. They hang out around the reefs at Bare Island and Cape Solander. However they are found in many coastal areas in Australia, from Moreton Bay in Queensland down to Tasmania and Western Australia, and come in a variety of different sub-species in different areas.

When they are young, Port Jackson sharks have a poisonous barb for self-defence on their dorsal fin. This generally grows blunt as they get older. Like most sharks they have powerful jaws, however their mouths are too small to do any damage to humans.

The scientific name for them means ”different teeth”. This is what they possess. Small and pointed front teeth and broad and flat back teeth. This is an evolutionary adaptation for eating a variety of different foods like sea urchins, marine snails, crabs, molluscs and occasionally small fish.

Although they don’t bite, be wary of their hard heads and strong bodies. When they flee in terror from you, they are powerful enough to do some damage as they swim away.

Port Jackson sharks are known as the couch potato of the shark world. Unlike other sharks, they can pump water through their own gills without moving. So they lay patiently at night time, at the bottom of the sea for their next meal.

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Spotted Wobbegong Shark

The Spotted Wobbegong shark can be recognised by the skin flaps around its snout and the distinctive white, brown, green and yellow patterns on its back, making it look like a shag carpet and helping it to blend into the sea floor. The word wobbegong is Aboriginal and means ”shaggy beard”, referring to the skin flaps around the mouth.

They are about 20cm long when they are born and can grow to a gargantuan 3m in length. Wobbegongs bide their time in reefs and shallow coastal areas in Sydney Harbour, waiting for fishes, crayfish, crabs and octopuses to come their way. Mostly they stick to the southern coastal areas of Australia from southern Queensland to south west Western Australia and are endemic to Australia.

Although there have been reports in the past of divers and snorkellers getting bitten by wobbegongs, this has never been a serious injury or death. Attacks are primarily because the wobbegong has been trapped, stomped on or prodded. Leave these wonderful creatures be and let them enjoy their lives without troubles, just as you want to be left alone. How would you like it if someone came into your house and poked or stomped on you?

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Long Stays in the Company of Fishes

And no we’re not meaning in a Mafia sense of ‘sleeping with the fishes’. If you stay on-board the MV Cosmos overnight or for a couple of days, you will can experience first class service with million dollar harbour views. Plus you have unfettered access to these fascinating creatures living below the waterline.

The MV Cosmos is sumptuously appointed and can comfortable accommodate up to eight guests in world class comfort. There is a spacious foredeck and a swimming platform at the stern. Cabins come equipped with their own televisions and entertainment systems for when you retire for the evening. There are on-board BBQ facilities and an espresso coffee machine and cocktail maker. Basically everything that you and a group of close friends would need to have fun! Just bring along your cossies and snorkelling gear. You’ll be as right as rain!

We’re having so much fun, that there will also be a Part 3 and 4 of Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour. So stay tuned!

Stay inspired by the incredible body of water right on your doorstep with Choice Charters…


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Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour – Part 1

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the harbour, you will know that Sydney offers some amazing snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. It’s a really clean body of water. The proof is in the snorkelling too. A recent study revealed that Sydney harbour has more marine species than any other harbour in the world. With approximately 600 marine species found here in March 2013; compared to 530 marine species living in the Mediterranean at the same time. If you would like some inspiration to don a wetsuit and flippers, here are some of the most vividly beautiful Sydney residents, who have without a doubt, the best post code in Sydney.

Weedy Seadragons

These ethereal and floaty creatures look like bright purple, blue and yellow pieces of seaweed. Growing up to about 45 cm in length, they have a delicate leaf arrangement and seem to float and careen through the water. In this way weedy seadragons have fantastic camouflage and can be overlooked by divers, until you develop an eagle eye and can see them.

They have a weird mating ritual. Although nothing that you wouldn’t expect to find on any Saturday night at a pub in The Rocks! The female pushes the eggs onto the males tail and once there, they get fertilised. On average 120 to 300 eggs are carried. After about 2 months the eggs hatch and the babies are quite large, around 2-3 cm in length. They grow quickly to become around 7 cm after 14 weeks.

Mainly weedy seadragons eat sea lice and small crustaceans that they suck in through their elegant long snouts. Weedy seadragons are protected under fisheries legislation and it’s illegal to export them, eat them or sell them.

These little wee cuties should always be left alone in the harbour. They are endangered by fishing and the illegal aquarium trade. Be satisfied with taking underwater pictures and don’t harass them.

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Blue Groper

This is the largest and most spectacular fish found in Sydney harbour. Any local who has done snorkelling in the area would think fondly and warmly of this sapphire blue beauty. Although named a groper, this blue behemoth belongs to the Wrasses family, and can grow up to 1m in length.

You will find it moseying through reefs, up to 40m in depth. The blue groper is found all around the east coast, from Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria to Hervey Bay in Queensland. If you make a racket and bang some rocks together in the reef, he will let curiosity get the better of him and come closer to you.

Sometimes a female changes into a male during its lifetime. The whole sex change thing is attributed to the size and age of a blue groper, this triggers the change. Also it’s thought to be a balancing element in the population. When there are too many females, some of them change into males to bolster species growth.

Blue gropers love to eat sea urchins and small crustaceans. Although please don’t kill sea urchins in order to feed the blue gropers, as they have their own place in the ecosystem as well. Blue gropers also like boiled eggs and beach worms, so try giving them these instead.

They can grow to an enormous size, up to a metre long and can live up to 35 years old. Although they were fair game in the past, and are reputedly very tasty, blue groper have been protected since 1969. It’s now illegal to fish them and fines apply.

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The MV Cosmos by Choice Charters

This is one of Choice Charters most sumptuous vessels. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment, presentation and sound systems. There are stately cabins aboard that are reminiscent of a luxury hotel. You can bring along up to eight guests for your snorkelling trip, with a spacious foredeck an swimming platform, along with a swimming platform on the stern. The MV Cosmos is perfect for a snorkelling trip at one of the many amazing snorkelling and diving areas in Sydney Harbour.

The MV Santa Cruz by Choice Charters

Another option is the MV Santa Cruz from Choice Charters. This is a bare boat which means that you can ‘choose your own adventure’ and take along your own refreshments and entertainment for a great day or weekend of fishing, snorkelling and exploration of Sydney’s secluded coves.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Impossibly Beautiful Sea Life of Sydney Harbour.

Choice Charters will keep you on the pulse and inspired by this amazing body of water right on your doorstep…


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The Best Places to Witness The Magical Twilight Hour in Sydney

Hello to all you romantic Sydney-siders! In case you didn’t know, there are a vast number of beautiful locations in Sydney where you can glimpse the glowing orb’s gradual descent towards the horizon.

Here are ten terrific places where both love-birds and the lovelorn can wander and either celebrate or commiserate their love life, along with that priceless Sydney backdrop that is adored by millions of visitors. Also locals can remind themselves of why they love living in Sydney too!

Tracing Our History

Australians have always loved cruising through the sapphire coloured water of coves, rivers and inlets of Sydney. Ever since the Cadigal people of central Sydney begun paddling their canoes through here in search of fish thousands of years ago. For aeons, indigenous Australians used Sydney’s waters as a route for travel to ceremonial sites and neighbouring settlements.

Image Source

Icebergs at Bondi

A stalwart of the beach-going scene in Sydney, Icebergs was formed in 1929 by a group of local larrakin lifesavers. Since then, it has become an icon with a dramatic backdrop of crashing ocean waves. There are social memberships and long-term memberships available for all ages. It’s a unique Sydney experience and one that’s perfect for locals and visitors in all seasons. Go there at the right time to spot whales swimming nearby. According to the website there have been 82 whale sightings from the deck to date.

Image Source

Cockatoo Island at Sunset

Ferries head to Cockatoo Island all day, starting in the early morning. Witness the magical dusk in all its glory with an overnight stay there in a glamping tent, equipped with everything you need for comfy camping. The view over the harbour from Cockatoo Island will leave you breathless. Cockatoo Island has a fascinating and varied history with industrial relics laying about, perfect fodder for amateur photography.

Image Source

Walk From Coogee to Bondi

This is a popular walking and running route for fitness fanatics and strolling day-trippers. The twilight descending over the craggy cliffs and crashing waves is endlessly romantic. Afterwards pop into one of Bondi’s great beach-side restaurants for a light supper.

Coogee Beach – Sunrise Image Source

Garie Beach

Garie Beach is known for being a mission and a half to get there. However visitors generally agree that it’s worth the extra effort. Located in a windswept and remote stretch of the Royal National Park, it’s where the forest meets the sea. Once you’re there, expect plenty of birdwatching opportunities and even whale-watching at certain times of year. In order to take the stress out of the whole expedition, you could charter your own vessel from Choice Charters.

Image Source

Hornby Lighthouse

A picturesque historical lighthouse perched on the sharp end of South Head. It has been standing sentry since 1858 and is a terrific landmark in itself for photo-ops. Although from here, the startling red and white lighthouse is a great place to park your bum and watch the sunset. Located only a hop, skip and jump away from Circular Quay in Watsons Bay, it’s relatively easy to get there on your own chartered vessel. A great way to spend an evening with loved ones, is to enjoy a picnic of champagne and canapés on the decking. Meanwhile in the background, the sun descends from view in a fiery showcase of pink, yellow and amber.

Image Source

Waverton Peninsula Reserve

Larkin Street Lookout at the Waverton Peninsula Reserve offers postcard-perfect views onto the harbour bridge and city skyline, which looks particularly grand as the sun goes down. Get here just before dusk to witness the flamingo pink shadows glinting off the glass skyscrapers in the distance.

A daytime view from Waverton Reserve Image Source

The Parramatta River

Parramatta river at dusk offers visitors a cornucopia of delights. The greater western part of Sydney is the fastest growing area in all of Australia. Parra has a diverse range of eat streets, theatres, pubs, bars and art galleries. It’s a thriving place to hang out. When the sun dips below the horizon that’s when the entertainment starts. Rather than taking the ferry just like everyone else, you can go to Parra in style on your own chartered vessel from Choice Charters.

Parramatta River from above Image Source

Watsons Bay

For a short trip from Circular Quay, there’s plenty to do in Watsons Bay. This is the ultimate docking destination for long brunches than turn into late lunches. The bay was named after Robert Watson, who was Sydney’s harbour-master in 1811. Watsons Bay has come a long way since those times and is now an upmarket district offering culinary treasures in cafés and restaurants dotted around the cove. Stop by for a drink in the beer garden at the iconic Watsons Bay Hotel, then go on a charming walk around the cliffs at dusk to work off your long grazing session. Also worth a peek is the nearby Signal Hill Battery, a defence post built in 1892 and the cottages at South Head.

Image Source

Choice Charters offer vessels that can cater to a party of between 10 and 400 guests. You can choose to see Sydney’s famous landmarks or head away from the hustle and bustle to more tranquil sea-side and river-side locations. They also do incredible in-house catering or you can choose to bring your own refreshments. With a sea-borne vessel from Choice Charters, all of Sydney your oyster! Speak with Choice Charters today on 02 9558 4666.

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Discover Sydney’s Top Eight Islands

Make like Yogi Bear and Boo Boo and bring along a picnic basket for an island hopping adventure. It’s pretty unusual to find a city that features little islands, however Sydney fits the bill! Each island in Sydney’s waters is unique and warrants exploration. Sail your own course on-board a Choice Charters luxury vessel.

1. Clark Island

A tiny wee island measuring only 0.9ha. Located just off Darling Point, Clark Island commands amazing views (just like anywhere in the harbour really). There is no regular ferry to this little patch of lawn, however it could easily be part of an itinerary if you were to travel on a Choice Charters vessel. Unlike Bare Island, this island is lush and fertile and was originally earmarked for Lieutenant Ralph Clark’s vegie patch back in the days of the First Fleet. Since then, there have been many incarnations and it’s now owned by the Sydney Harbour National Information Centre. Visitors can hire the island for a wedding or other functions for the day. For a spot of island hopping there’s a $7 landing fee, picnic facilities and toilets for use by visitors.

Image Source

2. Fort Denison

Before white settlement this place was known by the Eora people as Matewanye. It’s a tiny island and features the distinctive Martello tower. This place was once a creepy isolation island where prisoners were left to fend for themselves with little water or food. Known as Pinchgut by the convicts, this story was showcased in a 1959 film which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Fort Denison has thankfully left this past behind, and now is a swanky reception venue used for fancy NYE parties, weddings and more.

Image Source

3. Dangar Island

A heavily forested island that is around 29ha in size. There are no cars allowed there and for good reason, it only takes five minutes to walk from one side to the other. Located in the leafy Hawkesbury River, Dangar Island is named after the fellow who bought the island in 1864 Henry Carey Dangar. Nowadays there are plenty of residents on the island and tourists can visit relatively easily by ferry or chartered vessel.

Image Source

4. Scotland Island

Scotland island is located in Pittwater and is a verdant and pleasant place for a visit, the only other island in Sydney with a residential community living on it. The name comes from Andrew Thompson, a Scot who originally established a salt works here and named it after his homeland. Scotland Island got electricity in the 60’s and has always been a popular holiday spot. The permanent residents here see themselves as islanders and embrace off-shore eco-friendly living.

Image Source

5. Bare Island

This little barren island has always struggled with its identity. Located 30 metres from the coast of La Perouse, originally Captain Cook christened this place Bare Island because of its dry soil. He then used it as a sentry point for ward off invaders. A century later in 1890, a crumbling old fort on the island was decommissioned in 1902. After this Bare Island was briefly a retirement home for war veterans, before being handed over to the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service. More recently the island had Tom Cruise clambering all over it doing high-octane stunts for Mission Impossible II. Visitors can take a historical tour of the island on Sunday

Image Source

6. Rodd Island

This pleasant recreation reserve is a great place for a picnic. Formerly a factory, scientific research facility and training base for the US Army during WWII. Nowadays you can hire the whole island exclusively for functions at $1,250 per day or non-exclusively for $7 per person. In case of bad weather there is a hall and two gazebos. Perfect for a casual picnic or even a wedding.

Image Source

7. Cockatoo Island

This is the biggest island in Sydney Harbour and has somewhat grim and yet interesting history. This is matched by its demeanor – a slightly menacing and spooky looking naval outpost. Originally there was a prison here, then a reformatory school for girls, a naval college for boys, then a shipbuilding facility. If only the walls could talk! The island is now open to the public with regular cultural events taking place here like a Biennial and film festival. It’s also possible to stay on the island. With BBQ, camping, toilet facilities and an on-site bar and shop. Stay in style with a glamping package from $145. Normal camping starts from $45 per tent.

A building on a cockatoo island Image Source

8. Goat Island

This island was originally used as a naval storage facility and later as a sandstone quarry manned by convicts. One individual who had a hard luck time was Charles Anderson aka the ‘Tattooed Seaman’. He was chained to a rock on Goat Island and had to fish from there in order to survive. More recently the island was used as a set for Aussie TV series Water Rats.

Walsh Bay looking towards Goat Island, no date Image Source

You can arrange an island-hopping adventure of your choosing with Choice Charters. Get in touch today!


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Treat your Staff to an Incredible and Memorable Corporate Event by booking them on a Cruise

Corporate events are usually hard to plan. No matter how you try, there is always someone that is not satisfied. Cruises have become the big thing here in Australia, and what better place to soothe hearts, minds and spirits than to give your team an incredible experience for the start of the New Year. Your vision for the future of the company can be mapped out and announced at this event while they have an early vacation before hitting the ground running for 2014. Your staff will certainly appreciate the consideration to make them feel a special part of the team, a crucial element to ensure the success of the company’s vision.

On this cruise, you will be able to meet and engage staff to get some useful ideas about how they see the company improving, and you all can strategise on the best approaches to these situations. Choice Charters provides very professional Events Coordinators to help plan your event. Their ideas are certainly welcoming as these may not have been what you had in mind. Their suggestions as to the kind of vessel, based on the number in your party, as well as other details, will enable you to decide on the appropriate budget. The meal and accommodations that are required will be geared to ensuring you and your team will have a memorable time on board the remarkable vessel.

Choices of the kind of corporate event planned can be discussed with the Event Coordinators to facilitate getting all that is needed. Ideas for events like Conferences, Business Meetings, Trade Shows, Team Building Events, Awards Events, Business Dinners and Promotional Events and all other details that are required for a successful, enjoyable and productive event are arranged and executed by Choice Charters team. All that you and your staff have to do is relish the uniqueness of this experience as the cruise takes you all around the harbour.

Having your corporate event on a cruise ship is unique and budget-wise is comparable to any resort you may have used in the past. The experience is different as you will be able to see the coastline from a different view, and your staff is going to remember their experience while reacquainting themselves with other members of the company. The vessel is equipped with amenities for your comfort, in addition to other equipment for the conference you may want to have. Electronic and telecommunication systems are installed according to your requirements to ensure smooth sailing of your plans. Services and meals are comparable to any five-star resort, and you can even order special meals if any member of staff is vegetarian or on a special diet. Executive chef is provided based on your package and the number of persons in your party.

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Be Adventurous and/or Romantic: Plan a Cruise on Sydney Harbour for any Occasion

If you are planning an anniversary celebration, a birthday party, or just want to be out on the open water and have a perfect experience, and living in Sydney Australia, the perfect getaway or way to celebrate your event is on Sydney Harbor. There is nothing like it. Some clients who engage Choice Charter want to go farther than the coastline and make arrangements to just get out on the water and get away from the hustle and bustle of the smoke-filled city, so they plan a trip to Pittwater or Hawkesbury where they can experience more of nature. There you will see exotic birds and hear them chirping and be able to enjoy the cool, clear water that soothes and relaxes your muscles while swimming.

Be Romantic

For a romantic getaway, there is nothing like it as you can engage the Events Coordinators to plan and execute the services of a private vessel with your own executive chef to do meals to suit your palate. Stay on board all night and wine and dine your partner with music, wine, dance and the sights of the harbour of Sydney after twilight. There the sun goes down, and the lights of the city will illuminate your vision as you lazily drift along. As no other experience like this, you may want to pop the question; and make this night a night to remember.

Make it memorable

Anniversaries are always a time to remember and rekindle the magic in any couple’s relationship, so what better way than to have your anniversary celebration on the waters, cruising along the harbour of Sydney, Australia. There is nothing else like this experience. Plans can be made for a small intimate dinner with a few very special guests on one of these elegant vessels, which Choice Charters has in their fleet, or opt to have a romantic anniversary dinner just for two. If it is a group, then the Events Coordinators are only too happy to plan and execute an elegant gathering with exotic foods of your choice, buffet service of course, while you and your guests lounge or walk along the  deck, basking in the beauty of the unique Sydney Harbour.

Take a private vessel out into the open blue and experience whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, clay pigeon shooting, and fishing. Whatever your preference, this is the ideal way to spend time doing what you like. Life is too short, and the great things in life may pass you by, so spend time smelling the fresh air and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

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Thank you for a great experience to tick off our bucket list. My friends and I consider ourselves very lucky to have experienced New Years Eve 2013-14 aboard the Sea Escape on Sydney Harbour. Not only did we get to watch all the fireworks from a great spot on the harbour, but the food and the crew were first class.

Janelle Wheatley – Newcastle NSW

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Man Utd on our own MV Sea Escape

Manchester United’s squad made the most of their surroundings this morning before they jet out to Japan by training on Bondi Beach.
David Moyes’ side are currently on a five-match pre-season tour and play Yokohama F-Marinos on Tuesday morning in Yokohama.
Following their 5-1 win over the A-League All Stars yesterday, the squad were taken to Bondi Beach by boat (MV Sea Escape) and put through their paces on the golden sand.

Man Utd Manager David Moyes on the Sea Escape
Man Utd Manager David Moyes on the Sea Escape

Man Utd legend Ryan Giggs on on the MV Sea Escape
Man Utd legend Ryan Giggs on on the MV Sea Escape

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