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Sydney Sightseeing

Australia is a land of magnificent cultural and natural resources which is accounts for the interest of people travelling to the country every year.  There are attractions on-shore and on the water to enjoy.  Whether you are a host for guests visiting Australia or looking for a new sight to see in and around Sydney, you have plenty of choices.

Sydney has plenty of sightseeing opportunities for visitors including beaches, the Opera House, zoos, wildlife parks, the splendor of the Sydney Harbour, beautiful gardens and more, all situated within this amazing metropolis. The area surrounding Sydney offers a myriad of sightseeing adventures.  Venture into Sydney’s surrounding areas and the tourist attractions continue with amazing landscapes and natural wonders including the Hunter Valley, the Blue Mountains, amazing wildlife, amazing coastlines and more.

The signature attraction is the Sydney Opera House which is on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbor.  The unique architecture simulates a ship’s sales billowing in the wind.  You can attend a performance to enjoy the elegant interior or view it from the deck of one of our splendid charter vessels on a Sydney Harbour cruise.

A lesser known, but equally impressive destination is the Sydney Tower.  This is the tallest tower in this city and the second tallest in Australia. The tower hosts hundreds of shops situated inside the tower so you can plan a day of shopping and check Sydney Tower off your list of Sydney sightseeing locations

The Koala Park Sanctuary is home for a number of indigenous wildlife species.  The favourites are the koalas and kangaroos, but there are a number of other equally enjoyable animals to see.  Some other wildlife includes Australia’s wild dingo, the chatty cockatoo, wombats, emus, penguins, and a number of other species of Australian wildlife.

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