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Thrill Visiting Guests With A Sydney Boat Trip and More

Australia – the land down under. It is easy to say that most people would love to visit Australia. But where do you start? If you live in Australia and are expecting out-of-country guests you probably already have a list of things to see and do.  We suggest a Sydney boat trip, but there are other great places to visit too.  Here are a few suggestions.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It is a top travel destination in the country too. Not only does this city have a world-famous harbour, but it also offers much to see. Sydney Harbor is a lovely sight by water and often last minute Sydney boat trips are available.   The Sydney Opera House is an architectural sight to see and the view is best from the harbour.  Be sure to pack along a camera.

Back on shore, Sydney also offers interesting history lessons for the traveler looking to learn while vacationing. The Rocks is a place to learn about Australia’s convict history. You will learn about the hangings and other things that went on in the early days of this city.

One of the wonders of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. This giant natural work of art is so large it can be seen from space. There are multiple ways to enjoy this beautiful area like snorkeling and scuba diving, beach going and boat trips. If you choose to use a boat, you can charter your own for a Sydney boat trip or hire a professional to captain the boat for you. These boats can take you to island resorts all along the reef, if you choose. A final option is to hire a helicopter to tour the Reef. This chance to see the beauty of the area from the air will amaze you.

Give Choice Charters a call at 02 9558 3666 to discuss Sydney boat trip availability and options.  We want to thrill your guests too!

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Sydney Harbour Boat Tours – Treat Your Guests to Everything Great On Sydney Harbour

Take an exciting Sydney Harbour boat tour for business or pleasure.  The s around Sydney Harbour make it a headline attraction for out-of-town travelers, but residents of the city never tire of a few hours on an elegant ship gliding across the harbour bay.  Sydney is the crown jewel of the New South Wales’ coastline, and the area is packed with plenty of attractions to share with your guests.  Some favorites include Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens Walk and shoreline strolls on Bondi Beach are all headline attractions for landlubbers.

The CBD, or Central Business District, is Sydney’s hub of city life including plenty opportunities to explore local historic sights many of which offer guided tours. Travelers can recover from a day in the CBD when they order delightful cuisine offered by local cafés or restaurants. Seafood lovers can indulge in the freshest ocean catch prepared by gourmet chefs.

Those who love the beauty of sailing vessels will appreciate taking in of our Sydney Harbour Boat tours.  These tours are available 365 days a year, so chances are you can book the date of your choice.  However, holidays are tough to come by, so please call before you finalize any celebrations planned over holidays.

Choice Charters offer Sydney Harbour boat tours which are packaged to meet even the smallest budget.  Most are scheduled for a few hours in the afternoon or evening.  If you want something customised for a special celebration, please let us know. Arrangements for a themed event are possible always and popular for special occasions. Contact us at 02 9558 4666 or submit the enquiry form.

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